Yomigaere! Alara.net

Visitors to this site will notice a big change.  It's up! This is certainly a big change from down, I think we can all agree.

I got out of the providing web space business entirely. I no longer have my own web server. Instead I returned to my origins, and I'm back with Dreamhost, mainly because I like their TOS and they're cheap.  So some of the sites I once had up are gone until I am able to get them back up, such as Shifting Sands. It's going to be a bit more work to put that one back than it was to do this site. 

By now most of you know the drill.  I don't like pictures, or cascading style sheets, or pretty Javascript mouseovers. I mean, okay, I do like them, they're kinda pretty. But I'm not an artist, nor do I play one on TV, and I've got no interest in redoing my site as anything other than text-only.  I do intend to put up some dynamic content before long; this web server lets me run MySQL and PHP, so now I have to teach myself those, having come from the Microsoft world of SQL Server and ASP (and Cold Fusion, which I had to learn for work.) For now, though, this site remains happily text-only and static.

The title, by the way, is cheesy Japanese for "Come back to life, Alara.net!"

My Obsessions


My main page for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman: aka "Teenagers In Bird Suits Fight Evil Terrorists," has been temporarily disabled due to being way out of date. The series is finally out in America on DVD. Go buy them. I may put this page back up, or I may not.

Alara's Gatchaman Fanfic: If all you want to do is go straight to my Gatchaman fanfic, here's the link you want.

Cross Karakoram: And this is my page of tribute to my favorite Gatchaman villains, Berg Katse and Gel Sadra. It's very thin right now.

Comic Books

dOoM pATrOL by Grant Morrison (DC, proto-Vertigo) is my absolute favorite comic book of all time. Sadly it has very little web presence, but here's the little I've scrounged up, plus my own fanfic.

Crossroads X: My collection of web pages related to Marvel's X-Men. As of Jan. 2006, the Magneto site is active again.

Star Trek

Alara's Q-niverse: I'm probably best well known for my obsession with Q, the omnipotent trickster from Star Trek. This page offers links to all my Q-fanfic, as well as other people's Q-related links. Some of these links may be out of date, but this is a live site again! Updated most recently June 28, 2005.

Alara Rogers' Star Trek Stories: I haven't written a lot that isn't about Q, but here's links to what else I've got. Updated January 2006.

Alara's Q Site: Soliciting names for this one. It's a new site, a Q archive, linking to or archiving Q stories that I have enjoyed in my endless search for decent Q fic to read. Updated Jan. 2006.

The Alt.Fan.Q Archive: This is a static mirror and not being updated anymore. I rescued almost all the files from Mercutio and JJ's old alt.fan.q archive and put them up here. If you are interested in taking over archiving, let me know. Added Jan 2004.


The Alarascape: My Farscape fanfics go here. It is entirely possible there will be other Farscape archives, open to others, up here soon. Updated Jan 2006.

Random Fic Fandoms

Darkest Heart: Have you noticed I kind of like villains? :-) This page features high-quality fanfic about villains. So far it's heavily skewed toward comic books, Pokemon, and Star Trek (I've recently fixed the Star Trek links); I need to fix the comics links and add a Farscape subpage, as well as adding random stuff like Star Wars and Blade Runner.

Alara's Blake's 7 Page: A very sad and pathetic page containing a little bit about Blake's 7, plus a filk of mine.

Mirror Light, Mirror Dark: A fanfic page dedicated to Mew and Mewtwo from Pokemon. Accepts submissions of good quality fanfic (given that this is a children's fandom, understand that the value of "good" here is only moderate.) Not updated very often.

Alara's Random Fanfic: If I wrote it, and I only wrote one or two of it, and I didn't dedicate a whole subpage to it, you'll find it here.

General Alara Stuff

The Aleph Press Page: Once upon a time, I intended to publish fanzines, and the name of that publishing venture would have been "Aleph Press".  Today that name is shorthand for "all my stuff".

Alara's Collection o'Sigs: My collection of sigs is an assortment of pithy political statements that I agree with, and which reflect my political views. Includes the story of my famous "First they came for the hackers" quote, which, yes, I wrote, not Anonymous or Unknown.

The AlaraFic Mailing List: Get all my fanfic (and original fic that will never otherwise be released on the net) at your one-stop shop. Click on the link for information or to join. Or go to Alara's Writing Livejournal instead, since it serves the same purpose and I'll probably be phasing out the mailing list.

Alara's Livejournal: This is about as personal as I get on the Internet. I talk about writing, fanfic, dreams, books, politics, and occasionally rant about life sucking.

Alara's Archive Livejournal: Yes, I have more than one of them. This one's all about this very archive! Imagine that. News about this archive will generally appear on this livejournal before it appears anywhere else.

Alara's Writing Livejournal: This one is where I post my actual writing, since the lengthy downtime of this site convinced me I can't put all my eggs in one basket anymore.  I intend eventually to have everything I've ever written there, including stuff that isn't fanfic. To see the original (non-fanfic) fic, you have to ask to be friended.  It's locked to protect my ability to publish these works someday.

Alara on Fanfiction.net: My author page on the infamous auto-archive Fanfiction.net. I was one of the early adopters, so despite the fact that the majority of fanfic there sucks, I still post nearly everything I write there, usually before it makes it onto these pages.

Alara's Daily Kos: My posts to the Democratic blog Daily Kos. I haven't been nearly as active there since the election as I was once.

Alexander Benjamin Carpe: Baby pictures. Other family members may crop up on this site as well from time to time. By the way, yes, he is an albino just like his dad. We found out after the last of these pics were posted.


Write to me at alara@mindspring.com. And then if you've never written me before, or you had a different email address, expect to get a form letter telling you that your letter is in my spam box. I check my spam box every other day for real mail, but just to be sure you can reply to the form letter asking to be added to my address book, and I'll add you unless you are trying to sell me recruiting services.